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Laser Cataract Surgery

Our surgeons at the Eye Treatment Center are excited to offer the femtosecond laser cataract surgery. This laser technology can be used to help achieve an optimal visual outcome from your cataract procedure.

How is the laser used during cataract surgery?

The laser can be used to create a virtual “blueprint” of your eye. This advanced imaging system gives your surgeon a three-dimensional view of your eye to accurately plan your cataract procedure.

The laser can create precise incisions that have traditionally been made with a blade. These incisions may also be used for the correction of astigmatism.

The laser can be used to “soften” and “break-up” the cataract in your eye so that it can be easily removed from the eye.

What are the benefits of using the laser?

In certain patients who have astigmatism, the laser can be used to precisely plan and execute incisions to treat astigmatism. This may maximize your chances of achieving clear distance vision without glasses.

The laser may facilitate the cataract surgeon by precisely “softening” the cataract so that it may be removed with the use of less energy than traditional cataract surgery. This reduced energy output may potentially lead to a faster healing time and lower risk of complications for your cataract surgery.

Lifestyle lenses such as the Crystalens and the multifocal lenses require very specific surgical planning and precise placement inside of the eye. The laser assists your surgeon in achieving this precise placement of your intraocular lens inside of the eye.

Is the laser cataract surgery procedure covered by my insurance?

In general, standard cataract surgery is covered by most health insurances. Nonetheless, the use of the advanced laser in cataract surgery is not covered by your health insurance. If you elect to have your surgeon use the advanced laser for your cataract procedure as part of astigmatism correction or when using premium lens technology, then you will incur an out-of-pocket charge.


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