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Pterygium Surgery

What symptoms does a pterygium cause?

Symptoms of a pterygium include redness, itching, foreign body sensation, tearing, and pain. In addition, a pterygium may also cause blurry vision by altering the natural curvature of the cornea.

How can a pterygium be treated?

Medicated eye drops may be used by your eye physician to control the bothersome symptoms. In addition, further growth of a pterygium may be stopped by the usage of UV protection with sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat.

Nonetheless, in some patients the pterygium may continue to grow large enough to cause chronic symptoms and vision changes. In this scenario, an outpatient surgery may be necessary to remove the pterygium from the surface of the eye.

Do the eye surgeons at Eye Treatment Center perform pterygium surgery?

At the Eye Treatment Center we are very experienced in the surgical removal of pterygium for patients in the Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Orange County areas. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. After the pterygium is removed, your eye surgeon may replace it with an amniotic membrane graft (a biosynthetic tissue) or a small piece of your eye’s own conjunctival tissue (conjunctival autograft). Using this type of an approach will greatly reduce the likelihood of recurrence. Mitocycin C may also be used at the time of surgery to decrease the recurrence rateIn addition, the usage of a graft promotes healing so that your eye may regain its natural appearance.

If you have been suffering from the symptoms of a pterygium then give our experienced team at the Eye Treatment Center a call for an evaluation.


If you have been suffering from the symptoms of a pterygium, please call our experienced team at the Eye Treatment Center for an evaluation.



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