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Am I a candidate?

Although LASIK has been a safe and effective means of vision correction for millions of people, it may not be a safe procedure for you. 

The first step to determine if LASIK is a safe option for you is to call us at the Eye Treatment Center for a free consultation. We perform a painstakingly thorough evaluation of your eyes to determine your candidacy. This evaluation is critical to your long term vision results. Most importantly,  our doctors will personally examine you, review your testing, and discuss your options with you. We believe in taking our time when it comes to your eyes. Your consultation will not be rushed. Furthermore, we will take time to answer all of your questions. 

Some of the testing that we will perform includes the following: 

There are other considerations that would make LASIK an usafe option.

Are you:

If you answered yes to any of these questions then LASIK, and laser vision correction in general, is not a safe option. There may be other alternatives to improve your vision and your doctor will discuss these with you during your free consultation.

Call us today at the Eye Treatment Center in Long Beach to schedule your free LASIK consultation and learn about all of your options! We will be excellent guides in your journey to a crystal clear world without glasses and contact lenses.


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