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What is a Crystalens? 

As you may recall from the Lifestyle Lenses page, accommodation is the eye’s ability to change the shape of the eye’s natural lens to change the focusing power of the eye. Unlike the Multifocal Lens, the Crystalens implant uses the eyes focusing muscles to change the shape and location of the implant within the eye. This movement within the eye mimics the functionality of the natural human lens, and it is depicted below.

The end result is a more broad range of vision without glasses. Most patients with the Crystralens implant are typically able to see well at all ranges of vision, though near vision tends to be the weakest of the three ranges. 

The Crystalens is designed to deliver premium vision at all distances without any intermediate vision compromise. You may still need glasses in certain situations where excellent distance vision is required, or if you must read very small print for extended periods of time. Certain patients suffering from macular degeneration or glaucoma who do not qualify for the Multifocal Lens may be candidates for the Crystalens.

Can the Crystalens completely eliminate my need for eyeglasses? 

Being completely free of glasses is indeed possible, but not guaranteed. Nonetheless, the Crystalens may reduce your dependence on glasses. Some patients find that certain circumstances such as dim lighting, very small print, and prolonged reading may be easier with glasses. 

Are there any drawbacks to the Crystalens? 

Although the Crystalens provides versatile vision, some patients find that near vision for reading is not quite as optimal as distance and intermediate vision. These patients have found that more extended reading tasks are better done with a pair of reading glasses. 

Am I a good candidate for the Crystalens? 

The decision to implant a Crystalens should come with careful deliberation on the part of both the patient and the surgeon. At the Eye Treatment Center your compassionate cataract surgeon will take the time to understand your hobbies, occupation, vision requirements, and expectations. With this information, your surgeon will be better able to personalize your surgical plan. We take the responsibility of assessing your eye’s health to assure that there are no other abnormalities that would hinder your ability to maximize the benefits of the Crystalens. 


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